The Secret is Engagement


In this informative and fun 1-hour webinar hosted by Church Executive, learn how to reach and connect with Millennials from ministry experts Kristine Miller and Len Wilson from Horizons Stewardship Company. Dispel myths and discover basic truths about the Millennial generation and the key events that are shaping them, including latest research and best practices for your ministry setting. You’ll learn:(1) What is true (and what isn’t) about the Millennial generation(2) The latest research findings about Millennials and their views on philanthropy and giving(3) What engagement is, and why it’s the No. 1 key for this generation(4) How to develop messages, channels and communication tactics for reaching Millennials in your church.  To access the full webinar, click here.You can find the presentation that accompanied this webinar by clicking here.   

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