Adopting Donor-Centric Giving Strategies

Giving should be a spiritually transformative experience--an act of worship that brings joy to the heart of the giver. But when giving is only about what your church needs, the donor is merely participating in a transaction.Kristine Miller, CFRE, Partner at Horizons Stewardship, shares how to embrace a perspective that looks at giving through the eyes of your donors.  She shares important research that supports three easy donor-centric steps in response to a gift and donor-centric strategies that will help you foster the spirituality of giving in the life of your donors. As you think about donor-centric giving, remember its purpose is not to put the focus on the donor, but to help the donor grow in their relationship with Christ and be conformed more closely into his image. 

If you'll adapt your thinking to a donor-centric focus, you'll experience more resources and more engaged donors who are ready and willing to fully fund missions, outreach, and impact.

Next Steps:

Do you want access to more practical tools to help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church in 2020?  Visit our Giving365 resource center. Click here to request a free 20 minute consultation by a Horizons Ministry Strategist about how your church can increase ministry funding and improve discipleship through a process we call Next Level Generosity

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