You Are Not Alone. Avoiding the Awkward Ask.

If the thought of asking someone for money makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you’re not alone. There is a general reluctance among church leaders to talk about money. But you shouldn’t let reluctance keep you from following through on inviting someone to support your important ministry. The key is to execute well.

Time-Tested Advice

In this short video, Horizons Founder, Clif Christopher, offers time-tested advice learned over decades of working with donors. The goal is to prepare well, ask confidently, and follow through faithfully.  If you’ll follow these important steps, I’m confident you’ll find the success you need to increase your ministry funding.

Say Thank You

Whatever happens, always say thank you. Tell them how much you appreciate the opportunity to share about the ministry opportunity. Thank them for being open to meeting with you. And as soon as you are back in the office, write a personal thank you letter. Your note of thanks will affirm the relationship you have with the donor and likely open the door for you to meet with the donor in the future.  

If you want to watch the rest of the Giving Intelligence series and access a variety of practical tools to help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church, visit our Giving365 resource center.

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