Earlier this year, we welcomed Tim Stevens to our Expert in Residence Program. Today, we’re thrilled to add our newest addition to the program: Mark Duncan!

Mark Duncan is an expert in the field of fundraising, particularly when it comes to securing major and mega-gifts. With decades of experience in relationship fundraising, he coaches and guides nonprofit and church leaders on securing substantial contributions from generous donors. His mission is to empower organizations to raise significant funds without relying on traditional methods like golf tournaments, galas, or grants. Instead, he focuses on turning small donors with high capacity into big givers through a strategic approach.  

In His Own Words:

“Back in college, if you’d asked me about my dreams, I would’ve told you I wanted to be a radio broadcaster, or maybe a music teacher, or even a speech pathologist. It was quite a departure from what my parents expected after I earned my BA in Communications. In an effort to bide time while I figured out my path, I found my way into the nonprofit world during and after college. In 1996, while working in a leadership role at a camp and retreat center, my boss dropped a bombshell: ‘We’re going to do a capital campaign.’ I remember asking, ‘What’s a capital campaign?’ When he explained I would be reaching out to affluent individuals and asking for funds to revamp our facilities, my curiosity was piqued. That very day, I fell head over heels for the art of fundraising.”

Major Gift Resources

Be sure to check out Mark’s latest resource, Relationship Fundraising Unlocks Bigger Gifts, and his recent presentation at the Faith and Fundraising Conference on securing significant gifts from wealthy donors. Both are available in Giving365, your online, on-demand library of stewardship and generosity resources for church and faith-based nonprofit leaders.

Mark also recently launched the Relationship Fundraising Academy membership community to provide an affordable option for organization leaders to learn how to secure significant gifts from individuals through self and community learning.

Mark Duncan’s expertise extends to empowering churches and faith-based nonprofits through his work with Horizons Stewardship. He can help you grow disciples and fund ministry by giving you the skills and confidence to secure large gifts from wealthy donors, even without fundraising experience.

Relationship Fundraising

We are genuinely excited to welcome Mark and his wealth of knowledge and lifetime commitment to funding ministry to our team! With his expertise, we can further empower you to achieve your fundraising goals and make a lasting impact in your communities.

Mark Duncan’s addition to our Expert in Residence Program represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing valuable resources and guidance to church and faith-based nonprofit leaders. We are confident that his expertise will bring about meaningful results and enable you to thrive.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter with Mark, we invite you to join us in embracing the innovative approaches and invaluable insights he brings.

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