Are you a church leader looking for resources to help fund ministry initiatives and grow disciples? Look no further! This collection of articles, resources, and advice will help you lead confidently as you manage your church finances to ensure you maximize your impact.

A sound financial strategy is essential for the success of any ministry. After all, the funds allocated towards a church should be used wisely, efficiently, and responsibly. Here are some key links to get you started on the path of building an effective approach to church finance:


The Next Big Thing in Church Stewardship and Generosity (Joe Park). Learn how to develop a culture of generosity within the church, emphasizing stewardship, and identify practical tools for members to use in order to give more effectively.

How the Future of Fundraising Will Impact Your Church (Joe Park). Having an understanding of the current trends is essential for churches looking to remain relevant within their communities.

Now is The Time to Start a Conversation With Your Leaders (Joe Park). Taking the initiative to start a discussion can open up new opportunities for growth and development with your financial leaders.

Three Ways Inflation is Already Impacting Your Ministry Funding (Joe Park). Churches are feeling the impact of inflation as it affects their ministry funding in a variety of ways. 

Church Finances: Key Mistakes Not to Make (Joe Park). Churches should avoid making these critical mistakes when managing their finances.

Why Now May Be the Best Time to Eliminate Debt and Fund Campus Improvements (Joe Park). Taking advantage of the opportunity now can help you save money in the long run while also providing necessary resources for ministry impact.

What You Need to Know That Your Givers Won’t Tell You (Joe Park). It is essential to be aware of what your givers may not tell you to better understand their motivations and intentions.

11 Ways to Revamp Your Approach to Annual Giving (Joe Park). A renewed focus on annual giving can help build stronger relationships with donors while also providing financial stability for your ministry over time.

Study Finds 11 Personal Benefits of Being Generous (Joe Park). Generosity also allows us to develop meaningful relationships with others, build social networks of support, and gain a sense of purpose in life.

A Story of Hope (Video Interview: Joel Mikell and Tim Stevens). This powerful testimony offers comfort to those struggling through difficult times and provides an uplifting reminder that anything can be overcome with faith and perseverance.

7 Ways Churches Can Prepare For Financially Tough Waters (Joe Park, Published on Christian Stewardship Network). Churches should prioritize long-term financial stability over short-term realities, as this will help them weather any unexpected economic downturns—now and in the future.

Tax-Advantaged Giving (Kristine Miller, Published on Christian Stewardship Network). Tax-Advantaged Giving provides numerous benefits to individuals who choose to donate their money. These include reduced taxes, increased charitable deductions, and the ability to give more while reducing taxable income. 


Money and Ministry (Webinar Series, Horizons + CapinCrouse). This learning experience between Horizons and CapinCrouse focuses on how to avoid seven financial mistakes when it comes to money and ministry.

5 Disciplines of Financially Thriving Churches (eCourse, Horizons). Discover the key aspects of developing a culture of generosity and how it will help you thrive.

The Future of Church Funding (eBook, Horizons). A variety of factors, such as the pandemic and changing demographics, have caused many churches to seek new ways to fund their operations.

A Generous Life (28-Day Church or Individual Devotion Book - Print or Digital). The devotional book provides practical advice and biblical insights for cultivating a life of generosity in all areas of your life and ministry.

Discover Your Generosity Advantage (Digital Magazine, Horizons). Generosity greatly impacts your ability to fund ministry and grow disciples.

4 Ways Your Next Capital Campaign Will Be Different (eBook, Horizons). Your next capital campaign will be different in several ways, including more targeted communication, increased use of technology, and an emphasis on demonstrating impact for donors. 

Leading Forward: A Roundtable Discussion on Analytics, Ministry, and Discipleship (eBook, Horizons). Analytics can provide church leaders with valuable insight into the effectiveness of their ministries. With data, church leaders can make more informed decisions that will help maximize their impact.

Every Number Tells a Story: The Importance of Analytics in Growing Disciples and Funding Transformational Ministry (eBook, Horizons). By taking advantage of data-driven insights, church leaders can better understand how to meet spiritual needs and increase their impact.


Giving365 (On-Demand Resource Library). Giving365 offers an extensive selection of practical guides to help church leaders better manage their time and resources as they cultivate a giving culture.

Next Level Generosity (A Flexible Approach to Generosity Development). Discover how experienced coaches can provide strategic guidance and practical tools to help you develop effective giving plans and maximize your capacity for ministry impact. 

Horizons YouTube Page (Video interviews and webinars). Watch a collection of videos with practical advice on stewardship and generosity.


The importance of church finances can not be overstated. With the right tools and resources, churches are able to better fund their ministries, grow disciples, and have a greater impact on their communities. By understanding the key links discussed in this article, church leaders and members alike will be better equipped to make sound financial decisions that reflect their church's mission.

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