Are you weary of the weekly obsession of “doing church”?  Do want to see your people shifting their focus from “coming to church” to seeing themselves as “being the church"?  If so, this conversation is for you!

In this fast-paced 15-minute video, Rev. Rachel Billups, Senior Pastor of Ginghamsburg Church unpacks how they are Re-Imagining church by shifting their mindset from "doing church” to “equipping and empowering people to become the church?”

Rachel explains Ginghamsburg’s Home is the Hub strategy to move from a building-centered focus to each person prayerfully choosing to love regardless (like the good Samaritan) and investing in the relationships God has placed along their path.    

In addition to great advice for leaders, Rachel invites you to use Ginghamsburg Church’s resources (linked below) as you re-imagine church in your mission field

If you want to learn more about Pastor Rachel Billups and Ginghamsburg Church, click here to watch more from our interview.

Home is the Hub Resources

Re-imagine Church Sermon 1

Let Go of Fear Sermon 2

Pray Sermon 3

How Can I be a Good Neighbor? Sermon 4

Share Your Story Sermon 5

Each One Mentor One Sermon 6

Get After It Sermon 7

Love Your Neighbor Challenge Card

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