In this new season of ministry, it's crucial to understand the relationship between spiritual formation, serving and giving to the church. It shapes how we understand and approach generosity.  As our faith deepens and our spiritual hearts are reshaped to more closely reflect the image of our creator: 

  • We become more aware of God's goodness in our lives which increases our feelings of gratitude.
  • The needs of those around us become more clear.
  • The power of scarcity lessens and our need to build and fill bigger barns is slowly replaced by a feeling of sufficiency.  
  • We are able to identify and more faithfully trust in God's provision.

Embracing a perspective of gratitude and sufficiency increases our desire to join in bringing about the world God imagines which compels us to hold less tightly to the treasures of time, talents, and financial resources entrusted to steward.

As ministry leaders, we must first invest in our own spiritual formation, which includes discovering joy-filled generosity. Only then, can we effectively lead others. As people follow our intentional and authentic commitment to living a life marked by spiritual growth, we will notice the ripple effects of transformation in both their lives and the lives they will impact.

In this podcast episode, Joe Park, CEO of Horizons Stewardship, makes a compelling case that the foundation of growing giving and generosity is cultivating experiences of spiritual growth which tend to happen best in small groups and serving together.  Joe offers practical ideas for church leaders wanting to grow disciples and fund ministry.

Joe’s story of discerning his call to ministry and his continued openness to the movement of the Spirit is authentic and inspiring. His love of discipleship and his generous spirit shines through in this conversation and his life.

Key Quotes

  • Generosity is a way of being. (3:59)
  • A financial gift is much more than the amount given. It’s a visible sign of trust. (8:12)
  • Creating a culture of generosity requires an encounter with the Holy Spirit, which happens most frequently in small groups discipleship, and when serving. (23:25)
  • Whenever you talk about generosity, be sure to connect it to spiritual growth. When you talk about giving, be sure to connect it to impact. (37:11)
  • Generosity is about inviting people to join God in what God is already doing. (45:00)

Discussion Topics

  • Generosity and formation are naturally connected (1:00)
  • Becoming invested in one’s neighborhood and one’s faith community. (7:06)
  • The transition from a bank CEO to working with churches to build cultures of generosity (16:41)
  • The connection between generosity and discipleship (20:30)
  • The importance of wanting something for the giver more than getting money from them.  (25:30)
  • Building a year-round culture of generosity (26:51)
  • The financial correlation between giving and engagement in spiritual formation and serving others (33:00)
  • The pivotal role of a generosity team (34:30)
  • How the “offering talk” is one of a pastor’s most important tools (36:30)
  • The transformative impact of Joe’s visit to Magdala in Israel and a Hall that celebrates women of the Bible (52:00)

This conversation couldn't be more relevant in today's world. We are excited to share practical ideas for cultivating a culture of generosity and invite you to consider how your personal formation shapes your approach toward giving.

Listen to the podcast interview.


Horizons Stewardship helps church and faith-based nonprofit leaders grow disciples and fund ministry through a collaborative framework that is tailored to your context, aligned with your vision, and implemented through coaching, planning, technology, and analytics to ensure you maximize your impact.

After more than three decades of ministry support, working with thousands of churches to raise billions of dollars for ministry projects, Horizons has refined a deeply integrated, spiritually focused approach that consistently results in more ministry funding and more effective disciple-making strategies.

Learn how to take your culture of generosity to the next level.

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